Learn How Employers Are Winning

With Our "Section 125" Program

Reduce Your

FICA Spend

Employers can potentially save $700 - $800

per employee they have on payroll.

Increase Your Employees Pay

Employees may see an extra 4% - 6%

on their pay checks!

Medical Benefits

For Employees

Employees can access to top tier Virtual Care,

no co-pay RX, and much more.


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The Vision

We want to help business owners save money, and become a "preferred employer" by offering increased pay and medical benefits to their employees.
Our program gives employers a competitive advantage in their industry!

Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Calculate Your Savings.

Estimated Annual Savings: $700

✅ Section 125 fully insured fixed indemnity program, that prioritizes preventative health.

Does not disrupt or replace any Major Medical Plans.

It is purely an enhancement of your current benefits for all employees.

✅ No upfront cost, and the admin fee is taken out of gross savings.

✅ This program addresses Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue concerns that employers may have.


How does it work ?

Employees will see two new line items on their paycheck. The first being the pretax premium which reduces the taxable income of the employee. The second being the indemnity claim payment, for the employee being engaged in this program. The result of the two events is savings for the employer, and a net increase in pay for the employee.

Is this compliant ?

This is the only Section 125 program that is both individually approved by the Department of Insurance, and backed by an A+ rated carrier.

How do I get started ?

When you click the "apply now button" on this page, you will be instructed to fill out a quick application. After you've submitted the application, you will be able to schedule a call with one of our licensed professionals. Once your questions have been answered, we will sign contracts and activate the program.